Ultimate Escalator GIC

Move past GO with The Ultimate 5-Year Escalator GIC

Our 5-year investment account increases the interest rate each year!
Cash-out Year 5 with a guaranteed 4.10%*.












Looking for even more rates?

3-Year Fixed
Term Deposit

  • Minimum $500 Deposit
  • RSP, RIF, and TFSA Eligible
  • FSRA Deposit Insured

4-Year Fixed
Term Deposit

  • Minimum $500 Deposit
  • RSP, RIF, and TFSA Eligible
  • FSRA Deposit Insured

5-Year Fixed
Term Deposit

  • Minimum $500 Deposit
  • RSP, RIF, and TFSA Eligible
  • FSRA Deposit Insured

In fact, Investment Shares are the perfect pairing for many of our products and services, giving you access to preferred discounts and investment bonuses on our most popular products and services.

Mortgages + Investment Shares

Pair Luminus Investment Shares with your new or renewing mortgage and take advantage of reduced mortgage rates of up to 0.25%.

Investments + Investment Shares

Make Investment Shares part of your overall portfolio and boost your investment rates by up to 0.25%. Plus, Investment shares are RRSP eligible!

Personal Loans + Investment Shares

Take that next step with confidence that you are getting the lowest possible rate by pairing your personal loans with Luminus Investment Shares.

Invest more, benefit more.

Value of owned Investment Shares or Membership Shares

$1,000 to $10,000

$10,001 to $25,000​

$25,001 to $50,000

$50,001 and over​

Discount or Bonus from Posted or Campaign Rate

0.10% annually​

0.15% annually​

0.20% annually​

0.25% annually​

Value of owned Membership Shares/Investment Share and associated discount/bonus from posted or campaign rates

$1,000 to $10,000 > 0.10% annually

$10,001 to $25,000 > 0.15% annually

$25,001 to $50,000 > 0.20% annually

$50,001 and over > 0.25% annually

Level up even MORE.

When you invest in Luminus Investment Shares, you are investing in Luminus Financial as a company. The Member-Owner Rewards Program (MOR) is a unique way that we can reward members who invest in the strength of our credit union. 

Investment Shares make up an important portion of Luminus Financial’s capital base that allows us to invest more in products and services that benefit our member-owners and community. As a Credit Union Member-Owner, you have the opportunity to purchase Investment Shares and realize an excellent rate of return while helping build the Credit Union’s base for future growth. 

When you purchase a minimum of $1,000 in Luminus Investment Shares or Membership Shares, you become a MOR Rewards member with access to preferred investment rates, member-only perks, and special discounts on loans and services.

Learn More about the MOR Program.

It's time to LEVEL UP.

With an Escalator Term Deposit you can enjoy interest rates that increase over a five year term. Your entire investment is guaranteed so your savings can only go up! To get started, simply visit one of our branches, call us, or email us. One of our Service Representatives will be happy to assist you!  

Are you a phone person? Call us at 1-877-713-6236

* 4.10% is the interest rate for the fifth year. The average interest over the 5-year term would be 2.92%. Bonus rates that can be added to this product are based on the amount of Investment Shares held.