We’re not afraid of change, and you shouldn’t be either. The data is on our side.

By supporting the cannabis industry, we’re staking our claim in the future.

The cannabis industry is set for supergrowth, so we’ve developed a promotional bundle to help support that growth. We’ve recently partnered with talkAItive, and by tapping into their platform and pulling the data, we’ve been able to see what people really want. The future has never been brighter for the industry.

If you’ve heard that your cannabis business account is at the risk of being closed or had a big bank default on their promises, we might be your answer.

When you bank with us, you get access to your customers’ thoughts!

When you bank with us, you learn how your customers really feel.
talkAItive gives all our cannabis accounts three months’ access to their business intelligence platform. Rather than letting the headlines determine your strategy, go beyond the obvious and find out precisely what your future customers are expressing and feeling. It’s all online. We just give you the tools to discover it.

Your business has never been smarter than talkAItive will make it:

  • See what is being said about you, your competitors and the industry
  • Use our tools to find the published media that matters for your business
  • Learn the emotions and sentiments your customers are sharing
  • Figure out the keywords your customers use when discussing your industry and fine-tune your marketing