Colleen Gray is a dedicated member of Luminus Financial, joining as a member-owner in 1988 and becoming a director in 2000. With over 24 years of banking and credit experience at the Toronto Star Finance department and Sears Canada, she brings valuable expertise to the Board. 

Colleen has served on the Luminus Board for over 20 years, holding positions such as Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and director on committees like Mergers and Acquisitions and Nominating. Currently, she chairs the Governance Committee. 

Colleen’s commitment to learning is evident through her completion of courses like CUDA, Board 360 training, and management courses. She has also contributed her time as a Fire Warden at the Toronto Star and volunteered with the United Way and the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund. 

Colleen Gray’s dedication, experience, and commitment make her an invaluable asset to Luminus Financial and the community. Her passion for credit unions and continuous personal growth exemplifies her leadership and inspire others. 

In her spare time, Colleen enjoys quality time with her five grandchildren and relaxing at her trailer. She is actively involved with MLI International Homestay, hosting students from around the world.